About Us


About Acorn

Acorn is a family-run business established in 2017. We design, build and install high quality, environmentally responsible, value for money garden studios.

Our key aims are to offer a top class service from the very first meeting all the way through the build, and through to the very end of the long term guarantee.

Our challenge was to successfully apply low impact, low energy principles in to smaller garden buildings, which results in our core design.

  • Create space for life: built to last, built for living
  • High levels of comfort: cool in the summer, warm in the winter
  • Use inspiring materials of a variety of colours and textures
  • Provide high levels of thermal and noise insulation

These are the principles that we use to design and install every garden building, how every big or small.

Here at Acorn we are determined to use the very best high quality materials and components to offer long term environment benefits, low maintenance, also every building should be easy, comfortable and inspirational to live in and with.

So weather you're looking for a building that will save you time, money, or a few tonnes of co2, we're here to provide a space not just to live in, but a space for life - and one that won't cost the earth.

We'll be happy to help in any way we can.