External Cladding

Western Red Cedar 

Western Red Cedar is a contemporary yet classic building material offering beauty, versatility and durability. It is the preferred choice where attractive appearance, superior performance and resistance to weather are important. Western Red Cedar is the ultimate green building material, it is legally, responsibly and sustainably harvested in publicly managed forests. Less then 1% of standing timber is harvested each year. For each tree harvested, three are replanted to ensure our forests will exist in perpetuity.

Western Red Cedar cladding will fade to an attractive silver-grey over time. The time this takes will vary depending on exposure to the elements, sun, wind and rain, giving each individual project a unique look. If preferred, fading can be avoided by applying a clear treatment with a UV filter.


Thermowood is a modified produced timber by heat treating Scandinavian softwood in a kiln at a very high temperature. The heat goes to the core of the wood, drying out any moisture and resin. The result is reduced moisture content of approximately 7-10% and enhanced physical properties, creating a product that is 50% more stable than untreated softwood.

This treated timber is ideal for external cladding and other outside uses, with no need for additional treatment. However, it can be easily stained, just as normal planed softwood. It is also very stable and has a high resistance to decay and fungal attack.

With exposure to natural elements Thermowood cladding will fade to a grey or charcoal colour, however this can be prevented if preferred, by using a clear treatment with a UV filter.