Will my building require planning permission

The majority of the time the answer is 'No', we generally design our buildings to stay with in the parameters of permitted development. There are however times where planning permission may be required, please contact us if you need more information.

What if i live in a flat, can i still have a garden room

Yes you can, but we will need to submit a planning application, flats, maisonettes and apartments do not have the same permitted development rights as house do. 

How long after a survey will i get a quote

We will turn around your quote as soon as possible and aim to do so within 2-3 days. Sometimes we will work on a design with you following your survey, and will not quote until we have settled on the perfect design.

What warranty comes with my building

We provide you with a 10 year guarantee, materials such as flooring and lights come with their own manufacturers warranties.

Do i have to do my own clearance and groundwork

If you would like us to, we can clear the site for you. We can even complete certain groundworks. Any tree's or asbestos will need specialist treatment, we recommend contracting local traders.

How long will my building take to build

Generally each studio will take 7-10 days, however different sizes and difficulty will impact these guidelines.



Will my building require any maintenance

Your building will require no maintenance at all unless you wish to oil your timber cladding. This oiling is not necessary and is a personal preference, but it will help prevent oxidisation, which turns the timber a silvery grey.

Can i use my building throughout the year

Our buildings are generally more thermally efficient than an average house. The construction is so well insulated that it will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What if access to my garden or site is difficult

Generally, there is not a site we cannot build in. Our buildings are built bespoke, the panels and other materials we use can be carried to sites through or over most obstacles. 

How long is a site survey

This will depend on the complexity of your project and your intended build site, but normally a survey will last around an hour.

What is included in the price

Because all the buildings at Acorn are bespoke the price will tailored around the building design. The final price will be the price you pay with no hidden costs. Which ever design you go for the base, installation and VAT will all be included as standard.

Can i install a toilet or shower in my garden room

Yes absolutely. The installation of water and waste connections for toilets, sinks, showers and kitchen facilities is becoming more and more regular