Garden Office


With high rises in commuting costs and high expenses of renting office space, it is fast becoming the norm to choose to work from home. It is difficult to be as productive as we might like to be with the distractions of home life. An Acorn garden office is the prefect solution.

An Acorn garden office provides an all year round comfortable, professional environment to work in and with all the benefits of home on the doorstep.

With all the options of a standard office available, from heating options to full phone and internet connectivity. Our offices are designed to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, providing an effective work space all year round.

Often being cheaper than renting comparable work space, an Acorn garden office offers lower maintenance and running costs. Rapid installation and the use of permitted planning makes the process as stress free as possible.

Why not check out our prices page to see if we can help you create your perfect space for work.

Typical uses

Home office

Art studio


Therapy room