Garden Rooms


Garedn Room

We all benefit from a little time and space away from the noise and bustle of everyday life. Whether its to create, read, listen, pamper or just dream, an Acorn garden room will be your warm and cosy haven. Our garden rooms are built bespoke and tailored to your needs.

The bespoke service offered by Acorn means your garden room will be designed to be adaptable, flexible and inspirational. Use the different door and window options to frame and capture an amazing view, or use the different external cladding options to blend it discreetly into your garden.

By day it will be a relaxing, light filled refuge and by night a beautiful, generously sized setting to entertain friends and family. Throw open the doors and windows on the summer days and switch on the heating for a cosy winter den.

Our garden rooms are a perfect choice for any garden. Customise yours with a choice of flooring, cladding and decking. 

typical uses

Pool house

Snooker room

Cinema room

Garden bar